“I am back last Nov. 21st from my 3rd trip to Guangzhou, China.
It was my 2nd interventional therapy which was again an infraarterial
infusion and intravenous chemotherapy. The usual effect
of the interventional therapy on me is the decrease in body mass
index due to loss of appetite. I have slowly regained my appetite
and hopefully replenish my body with needed nutrients through
my smoothies and dietary supplements. I am to avoid oily and
spicy foods and is advised to avoid strenuous activity; no alcohol
too. According to my Discharge Summary, I am supposed to be
back in China by Dec. 4th till 13th for my 3rd interventional
therapy, but is burdened by the expenses for the visa renewal,
airfare, plus the medical cost of the therapy which will again be
around P350 thousand ($8,750CDN). I am thankful to my
family, relatives, friends and generous people like you. Indeed I
am truly blessed to have all your support (moral, spiritual and
financial) in this journey! I was asked where do I get the strength
to go on, I replied that I firmly believe that NOTHING IS