The Tree Planted in 1732 still Grows

CWL News

Our Christmas Tea & Bazaar is
quickly approaching on
November 17th. Ladies, when
doing your fall cleaning, if you
should come upon any treasures
that you no longer need or want, please consider donating them to
the bazaar. (ie: silent auction, prize tables, jewellery, scarves,
purses, Christmas table, children’s corner, etc.) We are truly lucky to
have such a generous parish!! Also, if anyone would like to
participate – your help is always welcome – we can find a place for
you at one of our tables or more hands are always needed in the
kitchen. Please call Evelyn at 276-8507 or Mitzi at 275-9905 or Kim
for the kitchen at 275-7832. Thank you in advance for your
continuing support.
50/50 tickets can be