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What is Discovery Camp?

Salt + Light Discovery Camp is a Catholic Bible Camp that has been running at Sunny Cove Camp outside of Fort Frances since 1950. The camp first began with the help of two Oblate seminarians who arrived in the parish to conduct leadership training for the youth of the Parish. Originally, the camp was held for two weeks in the summer; one week for boys and the following week for girls. According to the first brochures, the purpose of Discovery Camp “is to help young men and women from 12 to 15 years of age at a crucial time in their lives, to understand their worth, talents and responsibilities as Catholic youth in order to live full Christian lives.” Activities centered on “character growth with emphasis on spiritual, intellectual, and physical formation, and respect for the individual.”

Discovery Camp is a unique opportunity for young teens to grow in their faith at a time when they are searching for stability and meaning in their lives. It follows the teachings of the Catholic faith and gives them insight into what it means to be Christian in the world today. We stress respect for each person’s individuality at a time when youth can be very critical of each other. Discovery Camp is an open, fun and spirit filled week adapted to the experiences and age of the youth. It is a fresh, different atmosphere away from home and school where they can grow in their faith.

While the format of Discovery Camp has changed over the years and it is offered as a 5 day co-ed experience, the work of empowering the young people of our Diocese with the gifts of the Holy Spirit continues….

Who can Attend Discovery Camp?

This camp is designed for young people who will be going into grades 7, 8, 9 and 10 in September 2019.

When is the next Discovery Camp?

The date for Discovery Camp 2019 will be July 8th to the 12th

Does Discovery Camp need Volunteers?

Discovery Camp is so successful because of the many adult volunteers that support this retreat each year. Our volunteers are youth ministry leaders as well as parental volunteers. If you would like more information about how to get involved please contact the Parish Office.

Opportunities are available for young people who have attended Discovery Camp in the past to volunteer as junior and senior counselors. There is a separate application form and interview process for these positions.

How can I Apply?

Brochures and applications are available below and at all local Catholic Parishes. Space is limited and spots are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Once all spots are filled, interested youth will be placed on a waiting list and will be informed if a spot becomes available.

Please note that applications must be fully completed and sent with payment to St. Mary’s Parish. Applications which are incomplete or missing payment will not be considered.

2019 Discovery campers application