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We are bonded together by a personal faith in Jesus Christ, called to the fullness of Christian life by virtue of Baptism and Confirmation and the perfection of love.

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Used Halloween Costumes

St. Michael’s School is looking for donations of used Halloween costumes. Our students wear clothing anywhere from a size 3T to a size 10 kids. If you have any costumes to donate, we would ask that you kindly drop them off at St. Mary’s Parish or at St. Michael’s School. Thanks so much!

Discovery Camp Message from New Camp Directors

Hello Everyone, It’s that time of year again where our calendars start filling up and we start looking at all the things we would like to do/accomplish within the next year. Although it seems as if we just finished Discovery Camp 2017 (we did really), it’s already time to start preparing for next year. As […]

CWL Christmas Tea & Bazaar

CWL Christmas Tea & Bazaar The annual CWL tea and bazaar is fast approaching on November 19! The convenors are Mitzi Armstrong – 275-9905 and Evelyn Rawn – 276-8507and Kim LePine – 275-7832. The sub-convenors are in place and will be contacting you for your help. Please contact us if you have anything to offer. […]

Want to Join the St.Mary’s Choir?

St. Mary’s Choir is in need of new members with the hope of adding a more youthful vibrance to our liturgical services!!! There will be a meeting/rehearsal on Thursday, October 5th between 6 – 8 pm in the meeting room. For further information, please contact Bob Storkson at 276-7765 or Tina at the parish office […]

Parish Council Volunteers

We are looking for 2 volunteers to join St. Mary’s Parish Council. Please contact Father Alan or the Parish office if you are interested. Thank you.

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