The Tree Planted in 1732 still Grows

2020 Theme

This year’s theme is ‘He’s not heavy… he’s my brother.’ Mother Teresa of India dedicated her life of ministry and care to demonstrate to the world that we are all brothers
and sisters in Christ.

The Need

As members of Christ’s Body, the Church, we carry on the mission of Jesus today. Just as in the time of Jesus, there is much to be done and it takes many hands to help.

What It Supports

Funds raised through the Bishop’s Diocesan Ministry Campaign are used for the immediate needs of the Church in northwestern Ontario: to feed the hungry, promote the Faith, educate future clergy, support families, prepare children for the Sacraments, heal and comfort the sick in body, mind and spirit, and so much more….

Your support will ensure that we are faithful to the mission of Jesus to “preach the kingdom to the ends of the earth, baptizing in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28.19), and to become more clearly, as Pope Francis says, a “Church of mercy.”

How to Become Involved

The campaign ends on December 31, 2020. The Bishop’s office was instrumental in helping the parishes in our Diocese continue to operate during the past few months while we were unable to have masses and collections due to the pandemic. Please donate to this campaign to help the Bishop’s office continue to be able to help our diocese when we need it. Your envelopes are available in the lobby.

Your gift makes a significant difference in the lives of many, please join us in being the hands of Jesus in our world today by supporting the Bishop’s Diocesan Ministry Campaign.

St. Mary’s Parish Goal: $25,000.00
Donations received: $4,400.00 Remaining: $21,000.00

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Goal: $4,000.00
Donations received: $100.00 Remaining: $3,900.00

The Parish is responsible for remaining balance not received from Parishioners.