The Tree Planted in 1732 still Grows

Bible Study Group

The Bible study group is growing! We meet every Wednesday after the 9:00 a.m. Mass.
Everyone is welcome. We are studying the Gospel of Matthew with Jeff Cavins. It is very interesting. The
lesson can be picked up at the office, if you wish to prepare. We watch a video and discuss what we
learned. It helps if you read the bible passage ahead and look at the questions but not necessary. It doesn’t
matter if you missed the first lessons. Each lesson is a separate theme and we can always learn and study at
any point in the bible. Please come out and join us. New members always welcome.

For thirty years, Jeff has dedicated his life to developing The Great Adventure, the visually engaging and interactive Bible study system that enables students to understand the chronological flow of Scripture. As the founding host of EWTN’s Life on the Rock, he has been recognized both nationally and internationally as an exciting public speaker who has a deep love for Jesus Christ and who communicates his zeal with clarity and enthusiasm. Jeff, his wife Emily, and their daughters live in Minnesota.