The Tree Planted in 1732 still Grows

Saint Mary’s

In a young land a church of ancient line,
That carries here our promised future bright,
Amid the Spirit-infused grace of virtue’s light
St. Mary’s draws our souls to Christ divine.

A mission of our Mother-Church where heard
Are priests who labour so that souls may rise,
Taking his command Who said “Go, Teach, Baptize,”
And draw Him happy servants of the Word.

That truth is brought to form material
Of brick and marble and wood’s symmetry
Reminding us of duties spiritual —
And Mary’s blue protecting us from storm
That calm we see here, her Son’s plan for us
In beauty’s truth in His home’s form.

~ by Alex J. Klymko

St. Mary’s On The Avenue

I have prayed in many a Church;
Cathedrals, Shrines or Chapels;
I’ve paused along the road in the street
I have sought God and found Him
Where the waves of His ocean beat.
I have knelt in the silent forest,
In the shade of some ancient tree;
In misty clouds, zooming west, I’ve prayed,
But the place I devoutly adore, and I do,
Is St. Mary’s-On-The-Avenue.

I have listened to His Word,
In distant lands and Holy places;
I’ve caught His Voice in the crowd;
I’ve heard Him speak in the breakers,
Foaming wide, long and loud;
Where the breeze plays in the treetops
My Father has talked to me;
I’ve sensed His Presence in field and garden;
I’ve praised Him by trees laden;
But the place I worship and I do,
Is St. Mary’s-On-The-Avenue.

Lo! I compare not its structure
With titans of architecture;
I’ve visited many and concede:
Rheimes, Chartres, Milano, Notre Dame,
All have beauty and fame;
I’ve seen Rome, the Immortal,
I visioned its glory by men acclaimed;
But “My Church” has the inspiration,
That impairs not one’s concentration,
In St. Mary’s, God’s Altar is the focal view
St. Mary’s-On-The-Avenue.

~ by Rev. J. Fidel Boilieu, OMI
Associate Pastor, 1958 -1962

Fr Fidel Poem